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Employee Spotlight- Chef George Aviles

Chef George joined the Brew Bus team in October 2018 as our Executive Chef. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando and has been cooking professionally between NYC, Miami, and Central Florida for over 15 years.

What made you want to pursue cooking professionally?
The food my parents cooked, we moved around a lot but Puerto Rican staples made anywhere feel like home. I also loved getting to see so many different cultures around the states, and getting to experience them through their food.

If you had to pick your last meal, what would it be?
Pernil extra crispy cuerito with arroz con gandules and pasteles.

What do you enjoy about cooking with beer?Just the wide applications it can have in both savory and sweet foods, so many different flavor profiles to play around with.

Favorite style of food?
I love making my own charcuterie.