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7 Awesome Videos About Craft Beer

Cool videos about craft beer

The best thing about beer is drinking it, but it’s also pretty cool to learn about and hear from the people who make it. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite videos about beer on the web, so grab some popcorn, a cold one and enjoy. 

For The Love of Craft

Follow a couple brewers in San Diego and hear why they started brewing and why they love it so much:

How Good Beer Ruined My Life

That moment when you drink good beer for the first time and you can’t look at life the same way…


Just some cool shots of a home brewer named Dan

Craft Beer – A Hopumentary

The current scoop on the craft beer industry and how we got here

Bikes + Food + Craft Beer

People in San Diego really know how to live life

Bay Crafted: Discover Tampa’s Best Breweries

The people and places that make the Tampa beer scene so great

Take A Ride On The Brew Bus

Last but not least, your’s truely…

Image courtesy of Ian Mackenzie on Flickr