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Local Loop will run every Saturday from 11:45 AM- 7 PM. We have modified how this event operates to help reduce the risk of exposure to our guests, employees, and business we visit. Please be sure your group is aware of how the event operates.

If you are an Annual Passholder or would like to rent a private bus route, please give us a call at 813.990.7310 so we can help you out.

Before purchasing your tickets, please read the changes to the event below:

  • Each guest will purchase an itinerary for the day with specific pick-up/drop-off times as well as starting location and route.
  • To complete the entire itinerary, groups must get off at each stop. Stops cannot be skipped.
  • If you complete your itinerary, you will end back up at your starting location.
  • Enjoy 45 – 60 minutes at each location before hopping back on the bus at your scheduled departure time
  • If you miss your scheduled departure time, there will not be another chance to hop on a later bus.

Additional Safety Protocols:

  • Limiting the number of people on each bus.
  • Riders are asked to wear masks while on the bus and to follow each stops safety requests.


Available Itineraries

Route 1

Departing Tampa Bay Brewing Co. @ 11:45 AM

Route 2

Departing Southern Brewing & Winery @ 12:00 PM

Route 3

Departing Woven Water Brewing Company @ 12:15 PM

Route 4

Departing Bay Cannon Beer Company @ 11:45 AM

Route 5

Departing Sparkman Wharf @ 12:15 PM

Route 6

Departing Late Start Brewing / Pour House @ 12:25 PM

Route 7

Departing Barriehaus Beer Co. @ 12:35 PM

Route 8

Departing Bay Cannon Beer Company @ 12:25 PM

Route 9

Departing Tampa Bay Brewing Co. @ 12:45 PM