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Local Loop is a Hop On Hop Off bus tour with set itineraries visiting some of Tampa Bays best craft breweries and destinations. Now with two days worth of itineraries riders can visit 8 craft breweries and destinations between Saturday and Sunday.

If you are an Annual Passholder or would like to rent a private bus route, please give us a call at 813.990.7310 so we can help you out.

Before purchasing your tickets, please read the changes to the event below:

  • Each guest will purchase an itinerary for the day with specific pick-up/drop off times as well as starting location and route.
  • To complete the entire itinerary, groups must get off at each stop. Stops cannot be skipped.
  • If you complete your itinerary, you will end back up at your starting location.
  • Enjoy set time at each location before hopping back on the bus at your scheduled departure time
  • If you miss your scheduled departure time, there will not be another chance to hop on a later bus.

Additional Safety Protocols:

  • Limiting the number of people on each bus
  • Riders are required to wear masks while on the bus and to follow each stops safety requests.
  • Drivers will be wearing masks at all times
  • Drivers will be sanitizing high touch point areas in between group stops