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Your Guide to Putts and Pints 2015

Putts and Pints 2015

Becoming a champion athlete takes practice and dedication. Preparing for Putts and Pints is no different, we expect to see some fierce competition on the mini-links May 9th. Anytime you mix athletics with day drinking there are important precautions to be aware of.


Rule Number 1: Don’t Be a Jerk

Putts and Pints

We’re all here to have fun, drink beer, and raise money for an awesome charity. Don’t be that guy who has too much fun and ruins everybody’s good time. Just be nice or we will kick you out.

Practice Your Short Game

Practice your short game

We have some awesome prizes lined up for our winners and if you want to take home the title you have to practice. Read the greens, concentrate on the lie. As Chubbs would say “It’s all in the hips!”

Dress The Part

Picture from hobvias sudoneighm on Flickr Picture from hobvias sudoneighm on Flickr

If golf isn’t your thing, you still have a chance to take home the title for Best Dressed. High socks, knickers and a goofy hat are all excellent choices. It’s going to be sunny so some SPF wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Hydrate Yourself

Photo from Roger H. Goun on Flickr Photo from Roger H. Goun on Flickr

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty. As with any drinking event, hydration is key.

Know Your Limit

Know your limit

With an awesome selection of delicious beverages it can be easy to get carried away. We’ve all been there. Let your hair down, but don’t fall on your face. Use good judgment and make sure you have a safe ride home.

Putts and Pints is a craft beer themed mini golf tournament by The Brew Bus to raise funds for The First Tee of Tampa Bay. The event consists of 18 holes of mini golf with local beer tastings, food trucks, a long putt challenge, and a 19th hole airing the Player’s Championship.