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Brew Bus Brewing Warm Weather Seasonal Beers Are Back

Brew Bus Brewing Seasonal BeersWe don’t really get seasons here in Florida, but we still like to pretend we do with seasonal beer. We get people on our bus from all levels of beer knowledge. Our spring and summer beers are going to hit shelves soon in our new cans and we’re stoked to share them with you (and drink a few ourselves).

You’re My Boy Blue! Blueberry Wheat Ale

Brew Bus Brewing Spring Beer Release

It’s alright, we won’t tell the bros you’re drinking a delicious fruit beer. With so many blueberry beers on the market, we set out to create something completely unique. We use real blueberries in the brewing process that give it a natural flavor and aroma, this beer pours a deep purple color. We’ve added Pacific Gem hops for the perfect balance. This beer will be available in cans and on tap in mid April.

Are Wheat There Yet? Hoppy Wheat Ale

Summer Beer Release

Penicillin, potato chips, and the slinky; these are all inventions that were discovered by mistake. You can go ahead and add Are Wheat There Yet? to the list. In one of our first test batches that we did with the help of our friends at Cigar City Brewing, one of the cellermen mistakenly dry hopped a batch of beer that he thought was supposed to be an IPA. The result was an amazing blend of our experimental wheat beer and Galaxy hops that was too good to label it as an accident. We decided to put it in cans for the world to enjoy. Are Wheat There Yet? will be hitting shelves and taps in early may.