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All About The Brew Bus – Jacksonville

The Brew Bus Jacksonville

It doesn’t feel that long ago since 2011 when we rented a bus to bring a group of our friends on a tour to the several up and coming breweries in Tampa Bay. Flash forward 4 years later; we have 5 busses in our fleet, our own craft beer, and we’re getting ready to launch our 3rd city in Florida. This summer our tours will be launching in Jacksonville featuring our brand new 23 passenger bus.

Why Jacksonville

When it came time to pick a city to launch our third tour location, the choice was easy. Our beer has been available throughout Florida for 2 years, including Jacksonville. We see enthusiastic fans buying our beer at bars and retailers, and checking in on Untappd everyday. Jacksonville has been on our radar ever since we started so we’re stoked to see it starting to come to life.

As the largest city in the state, Jacksonville has a great network of more than 10 local breweries of all different sizes. It’s the perfect opportunity for us because the breweries are spread out between downtown and the beaches making it difficult for people to visit multiple.

Awesome Partnerships

We’re looking forward to teaming up with the breweries in Jacksonville plus several others that are set to open this year. We’re also very excited for the partnership we worked out with a brewery tour company that used to operate in the area, Jax Brew Bus. We have absorbed all of their operations and hired one of their founders to help us run our tours there under our Brew Bus name and brand.

Launch Timeline

We purchased a brand new 23 passenger bus to take to the east coast. It’s been painted and the wrap is ready to be installed. Our expected launch date is late April. We have our work cut out for us these next two months; hiring new drivers and attendants, reaching out to breweries we’ll be working with, planning our tour schedule, and building hype for the big launch. Follow The Brew Bus – Jacksonville on Facebook to stay up to date with all of our progress.